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Hair, our constant battle. Some days it works with us and some days it really works against us! The best thing to do in order to ensure that your hair remains firmly on your good side is to take excellent care of it. Let’s face it—some people have naturally great hair. They can just wake up, workout, go for a run and still look fabulous. The rest of us, however, have to put in effort to get a beautiful hairdo.Belson_Image

Lots of women apply chemical treatments to change their hair texture, which can damage delicate hair. Whether or not you are going to chemically treat your hair, and regardless of your hair’s texture, it is imperative to maintain a healthy hair routine, which is fundamental to maintaining vibrant hair.

Critical first step: Conditioning. Keeping hair and scalp moisturized is the number one way to prevent breakage. Using a conditioner, a moisturizer and oil (coconut or olive are both great) will add a layer of protective health to hair in order to prepare it for styling. A conditioning heat cap (like the Gold ’N Hot Professional Conditioning Heat Cap) will gently activate conditioners and leave hair soft, supple and manageable. For optimum results, be sure to follow the directions on both the conditioner and the cap.

Next step: Combing your hair. Combing hair correctly is extremely important for reducing damage and breakage, which can occur during rough combing. Avoid this damage by using a wide-tooth comb. Begin combing the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots. As you do this, be as gentle as possible, taking care to not tug or tear at the hair. Impatience while combing can lead to breakage.

Belson_Image2Final step: Drying. If you need to dry in a hurry, nothing beats a blow dryer with the powerful attributes of ions and tourmaline to protect your hair from damage (Gold ’N Hot Professional 1875W Ionic Ultra-Lightweight Dryer with Tourmaline is the best you can get). If you have the time to set your hair with curlers—or just want to relax while your hair dries—a jumbo soft bonnet is definitely your smartest choice. It emits tens of thousands of negative ions to gently dry your hair while sealing in moisture and softness (we recommend the Gold ’N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer).

Whatever you are looking for in hair tools, Gold ’N Hot should be your go-to brand. As the most complete brand dedicated to consumers with curly, extra-curly, kinked or coiled hair, we offer tools made with excellent temperature range, advanced technology and long-lasting quality.


Gold ’N Hot Products provides quality, professional tools for hairdressers, and we empower customers to get professional results from the comfort of their homes. Gold ’N Hot is looking for brand ambassadors to provide feedback on our products and increase brand awareness. If you are interested, please contact us at feedback@goldnhothair.com or visit our website at www.goldnhothair.com. Be sure to follow (or like us!) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @GoldNHotElite for the latest updates, giveaways and more.

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