Specialty Blades Offer Barbers Special Results

Social media has allowed barbers to network worldwide. Because detachable blade use is most prevalent in the U.S., barbers abroad are continually asking me about detachable blades and why American barbers use them. The main advantage of the detachable blade clipper is that it has more torque to cut hair faster than any other tool. Second, you have access to a wider range of blades—many of which are designed for a specific purpose—and they deliver a smoother finish.

A specialized detachable blade should be selected based on a barber’s clientele and the styles they cut most often. The more you understand your customer and his cutting needs the better you can help recommend these specialty blades and boost your store’s business. Here’s a rundown of some Andis® specialty blades that any pro looking to improve his or her productivity should consider:


T-84 Flat Top Blade – The T-84 leaves hair behind the same length as a number 1 blade set, yet is wider to cut more hair evenly. If the Flat Top style is popular at a shop, such as those located near a military facility, this blade is a must-have.


Outliner Blade – Of all the specialty Andis blades, the Outliner blade is hands down my most used and favorite. Using the Outliner clipper blade to dry shave and to clean the lower portion of bald fades instead of using my trimmer, means my trimmers last longer. The Outliner clipper blade is a valuable asset for any barber who says they cut bald fades and should be discussed with every barber that walks into your retail store.


Skip Tooth Blades – 3 3/4  Skip Tooth blade is perfect for laying down thin hair with a loose S wave pattern. When the hair is thin and has a loose wave, it is easy to clip too much hair in a small section and it will appear as if there is a bald spot. The alternating sizes of blade teeth on the lower blade of the Skip Tooth reduces the amount of hair that is lifted up and then cut. Simply said, select a Skip Tooth blade for barbers cutting large amounts of curly hair clients, especially older men with thinning hair.


5/8 and 3/4” HT Blades – These are the largest/longest cutting of the detachable blades Andis produces, and are most valuable for the clipper cutter who needs to move fast and doesn’t have time for scissor-over-comb technique in the crown area. These blades also have more teeth than the respective plastic attachment combs so they will deliver a better finish.


For more information about detachable blades visit andis.com today.

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