Store Background Music Enhances the Shopping Experience

It is said that music defines you and that is definitely the case for retail environments as well. Store background music can help a business succeed, boosting the appeal of their products or services and in fact influence customer behavior. Background music is critical when it comes to how your customers enjoy their shopping experience in a store. You can find a vast variety of background music solutions that are created to develop better connections with your customers whether it’s at an online store or a physical location.

Although the visual offerings of retail stores are an important way to accomplish a desirable impact, it’s the store background music that keeps them in the store which makes it also a necessary addition to any shopping atmosphere. You always want your customers’ eyes on your products or services, however subliminally; it’s the music that makes them more open to emotional buying. They may not realize it, but most consumers buy emotionally, not logically. If customers associate the place of business with favorable emotions, they’ll keep coming back just to have the experience again. Each time your customers return, they’ll be more apt to stay for longer periods of time and often bring along their friends.

There have been numerous scientific studies undertaken regarding how background music in retail environments affects the buying behavior of shoppers. The final results maintained that the right store background music resulted in shoppers hanging around longer, buying more as well as becoming loyal customers. Obviously these are fantastic results given today’s economy. Several retailers have reported an increase in the average dollar amount spent and size of the purchase as well as not only repeat business but referrals. It has been reported that repeat customers have been bringing more people into the stores to enjoy the experience. Even in stores that use aromatherapy to lure and attract customers, as well as aromatic tea brewing, etc., background music adds an important, finishing touch. This combination works great in trendy boutiques, high end shops, spas and hair or nail salons.

Store background music can create an experience of peace and relaxation that most individuals need to get away from the stresses of their lives. It has been proven that by creating an enjoyable shopping environment you are encouraging your customers to linger longer as well as spend more money. It is also crucial to pay attention to the clientele being catered to. If it’s a younger, hipper crowd you’ll want to use background music that would appeal to them. The same goes for other age groups. During the holidays it appears that every age group, across the board, enjoys hearing holiday music while they shop because it puts them in a festive mood.

So, bottom line, store background music will empty your sales tables much faster, keep customers in the store longer, making the time fly while they browse and admire the products on display. Nothing magical about it; it’s the understated influences of the background music. Store background music will not simply enhance your customer’s shopping experiences; it can help you connect with them on an emotional level, cultivating positive associations and long lasting, loyal customers.


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