Summer Means Sassy

With summer upon us, there is nothing better than tides, wind, sun, beach and waves—unless, it’s smart and sassy hairstyles! Even without a beach nearby, you can still stroll around the office with great summertime beachy waves.

Whether you’re frolicking on the sand or stuck in a conference room for endless meetings, Gold ‘N Hot has a couple of fantastic ways to get that vacation feel of wind-kissed, tousled hair. The Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ceramic Deep Waver creates beautiful, bouncy, curvy waves better than any beach lifestyle, plus its ceramic plates seal in conditioning for silky-soft, irresistibly touchable hair.

Want something a little kinkier? Go for the Gold ‘N Hot 2” Professional Ceramic Crimping Iron, which delivers saucy crimps that shimmer from the rays of the sun, or from the office fluorescent lights. You can crimp strategically in certain areas of the hair for a subtle change, or go big over the entire head for a carefree, confident look.

Gold ‘N Hot tools have the highest heats and most advanced technologies that provide any head of hair with glamorous style, beauty and health. We specialize in all curly hair types: curly, coiled and kinky, as well as natural or chemically enhanced hair. Professionals buy our Gold ‘N Hot products with confidence, knowing they can use them in their salons, as well as recommend them to their peers. Consumers can enjoy our products as effective tools to maintain their hairstyles between salon visits.

Outdoor summertime activities in sun, wind, water and sand can quickly dry out your locks, which can make the tips of hair fragile and possibly break off. This is especially true for naturally curly hair because scalp oils have difficulty reaching the tips of curly hair. So it’s important to give your curls extra love and attention to minimize summer damage, and keep your hair healthy and luxurious.

Maximizing your hair’s beauty, health and radiance is easy if you follow some simple steps: always handle it gently, use a great conditioner, and select only the styling tools with superior technology. The Gold ‘N Hot line has advanced ceramic and gold technology, and its wide range of heats provide your hair with ideal styling temperature right at your fingertips.

Gold ‘N Hot loves our consumers and their many beautiful hair types and textures. We’re constantly innovating to produce the most varieties of blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, (and those awesome specialty irons) that are packed with the latest technologies and the highest number of styling options available for optimum hair care. Regardless of your hair type, Gold ‘N Hot will have the perfect styling tool for you.




Gold ’N Hot products provide quality, professional tools for the industry’s premier hairdressers, and we’re also proud to empower customers to get salon results from the comfort of their homes. We’re looking for brand ambassadors to provide feedback on our products and increase Gold ’N Hot brand awareness. If you are interested, please contact us at or visit our website at Be sure to follow us (and like us!) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest @GoldNHotElite for the latest updates, giveaways and more.

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