Summer Tips for Kids Haircare to Share With Your Customers

Hooray! Summer fun is here but the sun and the wind can be damaging to a kid’s hair. It can be a challenge for parents to care and maintain the hair of little ones. You can reassure your customers that with some care, love and consistency, their children can have a healthy mane in no time.

Here are eight kids summer hair tips that you can share with your customers:


  1. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and leave-in conditioner that will thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the hair especially if the child is a frequent swimmer in the pool. Make sure the shampoo removes all chlorine and residue in the hair if the child does not wear a swimming cap.
  2. Use detangling products before going outside to help detangle and strengthen the hair. Begin detangling at the ends and work upwards gently. The Flex brush is great for tangled hair.
  3. Apply a hair and scalp oil, preferably coconut or olive, to keep the hair moist and massage the scalp to help the blood flow to the hair roots.
  4. For kids with longer hair, they can put the hair in a braid or bun to protect the hair from the effects of the sun.
  5. To protect the hair from the sun’s harsh UV rays, put a hat, cap or scarf on the child’s head.
  6. Make sure to keep the ends trimmed because they can become damaged during the summer and hair grows faster in the summer.
  7. Avoid tight rubber bands or tight braids in the hair. It can cause balding or damage to the roots.
  8. Wrap the child’s hair nightly with a satin scarf or hair bonnet to secure their protective hairstyle, reduce tangling and prevent breakage.

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