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The main two components of a great style are hydration and hold. Here are a few of Jinny’s most popular selling items that keep customers coming back for more.


1. Item #AA91201
Freeze Blasting Spray
From volume and shine to hold and spikes, göt2b® products offer the right styling products for your customer’s individual look. It’s all about helping your customers express their style, personality, and individuality with the göt2b® brand. This is perfect for extreme, rock hard hair, giving a messy look. It can be used to twist tips into spikes and has a very strong hold.

2. Item # KED107
Locs & Locs Super Extra Hold is the ultimate natural gel for all kinds of styles. It is specially formulated for strength, smooth edges, and super hold without hair-damaging ingredients and it adds moisture and shine.

3. Item: NP75192
DOO GRO® Stimulating Hair Oil helps relieve dry scalp. It softens dry, brittle hair. Its special blend of botanical oils, vitamins A & E and herbs conditions hair while at the same time strengthens and helps repair hair that is damaged or abused. DOO GRO® Stimulating Hair Oil is extra light, and safe to use on all types of hair including color treated and relaxed.

4. Item: SF4506
Its unique blend of tea tree oil and herbs nourishes the hair follicles to help strengthen and repair. Tea Tree Oil can be used on all types of hair including color treated, relaxed, and braided. It eliminates itching and dandruff to prevent hair loss caused by them.

5. Item # LR5121
It deeply moisturizes extra dry hair, lubricates scalp, nourishes, softens, smooths, boosts shine and improves the appearance of damaged hair. It also eases combing, minimizes breakage and helps hair retain length. It is excellent for a wide variety of uses and styles: Natural-Textured Coils, Curls, Twists, Knots, Puffs, Locs, Cornrows, Braids, Thermal Styles, Updos & Ponytails, Weaves, Extensions, Braid Take-Downs, Scalp Massage, Pre-Shampoo Treatment, Overnight Treatment.

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