Tarte Cosmetics Expands Their Complexion Range

NEW YORK, May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — tarte cosmetics announced the expansion of two hero complexion products this morning. The brand expanded their Amazonian clay foundation from 25 shades to 40 shades and their creaseless concealer collection from 14 shades to 30 shades.

They invited special content creators to share their feedback on the updated complexion range.

“Our creator guests said it best,” noted founder & CEO Maureen Kelly, “and we’re so excited to share our widest array of shades yet.”

“This is a win for every single person seeking representation and inclusion & a reminder that your voice matters. From diversity in shade, gender, religion, age, and size, tarte is demonstrating through these launches that they listened and will continue to do just that.” – @Nabela

“Sadly, I’ve come to accept that women of color aren’t always included. I respect that tarte acknowledged their mistake & worked quickly to fix it. I’m proud to be a part of this campaign that represents such incredible diversity.”  @godleydestiny

“It’s so exciting when a brand values their customers’ feedback so much that they actually take action. It makes it that much more important to use our voices as women of color. I’m so happy with the diversity in this launch and I’m glad tarte took criticism and made a positive change.” – @Osobbeauty

For the Amazonian clay foundation, 10 of the new 15 shades are in the tan to deep range, which brings the total to 17 tan to deep shades out of 40.

For the creaseless concealer, 9 of the new 16 shades are tan to deep making 13 of the 30 shades within this range.

As a brand, they’ve also introduced a fifth undertone that’s developed for more golden & olive skin tones.

Now they offer: sand (yellow), beige (pink), neutral, honey (peach), and golden.

And these shade expansions are only the beginning of what you’ll see from tarte. In addition to 40 shades of Amazonian clay foundation and 30 shades of creaseless concealer (launching on tarte.com today & in stores July and August) tarte is launching shade extensions of shape tape matte foundation & shape tape hydrating foundation, shape tape concealer shades and Rainforest of the Sea water foundation SPF 15 this year.

And, for 48 hours tarte.com is offering Amazonian clay foundation for $25 with the code CLAY.

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