That’s My Speed


In the inner-city Philadelphia neighborhood where I grew up, the phrase “That’s my speed” was a statement used to communicate your preference for something. For example, if you preferred Pepsi over Coca Cola, while pointing to a Pepsi you would say “That’s my speed!” and your friends would know exactly what you wanted. This statement now applies to the actual speeds of clippers—detachable blade clippers to be exact.


Why multiple speeds?

Multi-speed, detachable blade clippers are becoming a top choice of professionals because of the flexibility and control they deliver. These tools help tailor the cutting performance to the needs of the operator. For example, a barber who specializes in kids/youth clientele will run their clipper on lower speed settings to avoid heat buildup that can occur with high speeds and to gain added control with the squirming client. On the other hand, a barber like me, who desires to cut through very thick hair easier and quicker, will select higher speed settings.


My favorites

Andis makes a variety of detachable blade clippers, but here I will highlight the MVP and the Supra ZR. The MVP is a corded unit with two speeds, while the Supra ZR is cordless and features five speeds. Both have been personal favorites of mine due to their quality craftsmanship and performance. Each has a high speed option to allow my CeramicEdge® blade sets to cut through thick, wet hair easily. So if asked why my clippers sound so fast, I would respond “That’s my speed!”

In the case of the MVP, I think its lowest speed is best for keeping UltraEdge® blade sets running cool, while the highest speed setting is ideal for quickly cutting through thick or coarse hair. The newest offering to the Andis detachable clipper family is the Supra ZR and it doesn’t disappoint! Its highest speed is faster than any other detachable blade clipper on the market that I know of. With a powerful lithium-ion battery and five total speeds, both seasoned pros and advanced home haircutters are sure to find the right speeds to fit their needs. Try out the Supra ZR and I’m sure you’ll say “That’s my speed”!


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Kenny Duncan is a nationally known barber, stylist and educator, as well as co-owner of a 12-chair salon—Main Attraction Unisex Salon—based in Philadelphia. He is the barber for several Grammy Award-winning artists and has toured the world as the barber for the Lady Gaga production team. Kenny's styling work has also appeared in films such as "Fantastic Four" and "Creed" starring Michael B. Jordan. He is currently the Lead Educator for Andis Company.