The Beauty of Giving Back

Businesses don’t grow by themselves. They grow because people make them grow. These people, called shoppers and/or consumers, come from all walks of life. Each day they spend a portion of their hard-earned money to purchase the products or services a business provides.

Above and beyond just selling goods and services and making sure every item or service provided is of the highest quality and worth the money the consumer spends, business owners also have a  responsibility to give back to the community they serve.


There are a number of ways giving back can be accomplished. Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide scholarships. Specifically, companies in the hair care and beauty industry can provide scholarships to beauty schools, such as Pivot Point, and they can also mentor high school and cosmetology school students to provide insight into the profession after graduation.
  • “A Day of Pampering” is a good way to acquaint consumers with your products and services, while giving free make-overs through a company-sponsored, charitable event.
  • Encouraging employees to volunteer. Hair stylists could volunteer on off days to provide their services, free of charge, to girls going back to school. They can also volunteer their services at nursing homes, helping the residents feel beautiful and youthful.
  • Contributions to churches and local organizations are always welcome, but sponsoring a “beauty day” at one of the local churches is more fun for all and greatly appreciated by the church. It is also a smart way to introduce your products and services to the community, thereby building a loyal customer base.


So, take time out of your day-to-day business activities to help others in your community. No matter what you choose to give or how you give back, both the business and the community will reap lasting benefits.

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