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Most male clients don’t change their hairstyles drastically but at times they want something a little different. In this situation, I look for small changes that can be made to the style. A safe suggestion to clients during the consultation is always the simple, yet conservative, part. For example, a simple part can change the look of a pompadour as well as a brush cut with fade. Another benefit of adding a part to a haircut is that I can increase my service ticket in a small amount of time. The key is using the correct tool to get the job done right.

To achieve clean parts and/or lining I typically use two different trimmers: a rotary motor trimmer for the power to “rough in” the line and a magnetic motor trimmer to achieve the finished definition. My favorite rotary motor trimmer is the Andis Slimline Pro Li and in most cases this is my go to trimmer because of its power and close-cutting performance when zero gapped.

When I don’t want to use a razor, such as on a small child or the nape of a female, my go to tool is the Andis T-Outliner or the Styliner M3 magnetic motor trimmers with the factory blade settings. I like to use magnetic motor trimmers with the factory blade settings to avoid skin irritation while also being able to provide heavier pressure to trim closer and cleaner. Using the two different trimmers with different motor types offers me the ability remove thicker hair quicker with the rotary motor trimmer, then to achieve fast precision detail with the magnetic motor trimmer.

It’s important to note that the blade setting or “gap” of the trimmers have an impact on how comfortable the provided service is, too. While zero gapped tools do provide cleaner partings and lining, they can potentially scratch or break the skin, while factory set blades will not. The best equation is to select and use a combination of these tools, utilizing their benefits so that each service features quality, comfort and speed. For professionals and at-home users that have issues zero gapping or aligning trimmer blades, Andis makes a tool called the Blade Gapper that eliminates the guesswork of zero gapping and perfectly aligns the upper and lower blades for skin-close trimming.

Andis produces many trimmer options with both motor types. I suggest you find which model works best for you. To see the complete line of Andis professional tools visit

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