The Best Top 4 Machines

Have you ever noticed when you watch barber tutorials or social media videos the barbers typically will use more than one machine? How many clippers and trimmers should a barber use?
The minimum setup to perform great haircuts is at least two clippers and two trimmers. It’s important to set them up correctly. To start with, let’s talk about the clippers. One of your clippers should be Zero-gapped (which means to set the blade to cut as close as possible) and have a fade or faper blade. The other clipper should have a taper blade and doesn’t need to be set as close. Now you have one clipper that can mesh well with your trimmer and the other clipper can be used to hit the lengths in the blend above that. A personal favorite of mine is the Ergo and X Ergo for blending.
Now for the trimmers, personally I love to use the Saber trimmers and now that they sell them in both black and gold it makes it even easier for me to distinguish between the two. One of them I will Zero-Gap to set really crisp lines. They even come with a tool to do it in the box. The other trimmer I will set it back some and now I can use this for sensitive skin and blending.
With my machines set up properly I can now hit every conceivable length. Join me on my channel The YouTube Barber Academy to expand further on this topic.

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