The Forgotten Step in Hair Care: Scalp Care

We all know the importance of keeping our skin healthy and moisturized, but what about our scalp? It’s easy to forget about taking care of our scalp because it’s hidden by hair. Daily shampooing and conditioning might be enough for healthy hair, but the skin underneath definitely needs a little extra treatment and moisturizing.

An unhealthy scalp takes on various forms: waxy patches from oily buildup, itching, hair breakage, flaking from seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, and dandruff. Unhealthy styling habits (unnecessary tension applied to hair, and improper chemical application) can also lead to hair loss at the crown. Sadly, this damage is sometimes extensive and can become scar tissue, which can lead to permanent hair loss in the damaged area. Don’t risk getting weak, patchy hair. Follow healthy styling habits to help preserve your scalp, and keep your hair growing at the optimum rate of half an inch per month.

An important part of effective scalp care is to use treatments like Sea Breeze, which is full of soothing, corrective nutrients critical to providing your scalp a healthy environment to grow hair. For professional results, Sea Breeze is best used as a pre-shampoo or scalp massage. It’s gentle astringents remove dull excess oils from skin, and lift those dry, flaky cells that cause itching and unsightly scalp problems.

A healthy scalp is perfect only if it supports beautiful locks of vibrant, flowing hair. To keep those locks healthy, there’s nothing better than Infusium 23 PRO Original Leave-In Treatment. It infuses hair with a Pro-Vitamin B5 formula that deeply penetrates cuticle layers and repairs damage while helping to protect against breakage. This treatment detangles and strengthens hair, improving its manageability for better styling and increased shine and luster. Powerful and lightweight, the Infusium 23 PRO treatment won’t weigh hair down, and can be used immediately after chemical processing to help seal the cuticle, leaving hair protected with superb manageability and shine.

Don’t forget to give your hair a break from the abuse of constant heat and chemicals, which will leave you with the long-term effects of damage. Pampering both your scalp and your hair with quality products is the best route to lasting hair health and vitality.


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