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Asia remains the dominant player in global skin care sales, with consumers across the continent seeking to achieve flawless skin that is clear, luminous and seemingly transparent. To help cosmetic manufacturers tap into this growing trend for the appearance of glass-like, cloudless skin, in-cosmetics Asia has announced hydration as one of the three major focuses of its Spotlight On areas this year.

Ingredients that provide hydrating properties are pivotal to the development of new products that help deliver pure, clean, radiant and glowing skin. And the event will bring together the world’s leading suppliers to showcase unique materials that will inspire a new wave of innovation in Asia.


The importance of hydrated skin

The skin is largely composed of water and has its own mechanisms to maintain suitable hydration levels and protect against external elements. However, increased exposure to heat, pollution and air conditioning, as well as lifestyle and eating habits such as alcohol, tobacco and poor nutrition, all have a detrimental effect on the skin’s natural defences – making it difficult to achieve flawless skin.

There are numerous reasons that consumers need to hydrate their skin, including making it look healthier, more plump and supple, as well as less dull and oily. And according to L’Oréal Paris, continuous hydration is key to beautiful-looking skin. However, it’s not just about water, new ingredients, textures and formats are progressively helping to improve skin health by boosting hydration.


in-cosmetics Asia puts hydration in the spotlight

This year’s in-cosmetics Asia event will provide R&D teams and cosmetic chemists with an easy way to source ingredients that provide effective moisturisation and combat dryness, all in one place. Its Spotlight on Hydration area within the exhibition will bring together leading suppliers to present innovations that can enhance formulations and deliver incredible hydration to consumers.

Among the suppliers presenting ingredients at in-cosmetics Asia’s Spotlight On Hydration area are sponsor, Mibelle Biochemistry, which will showcase MossCellTec™ No. 1 – a bitotechnologically produced moss that improves skin hydration. Also on display will be Aquapuntia®, an ingredient responsibly sourced from prickly pear gel, developed by BIOCOSMETHIC SAS.

In an aid to help cosmetic manufacturers better understand the latest trends and opportunities in the APAC region, Mintel’s Senior Innovation & Insights Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care, Sharon Kwek will explore different hydration-related claims that are currently being made across the world and how these concepts are gaining traction across other beauty and personal care categories.


Belinda Carli, in-cosmetics Group’s Technical Advisor and Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science, commented:

“Beauty products with hydrating properties continue to be increasingly sought after among consumers living in the APAC region. They’re aware of the importance it has in achieving glowing, dewy and healthy skin without residual greasiness or clogging pores. They demand innovations that provide clinically proven, lasting hydration as a part of their daily routines. in-cosmetics Asia’s Spotlight On Hydration area will bring together some of the world’s most exciting new ingredients that will inspire R&D professionals and enable them to create unique, stand-out moisturising products.”

in-cosmetics Asia takes place at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre from 30 October to 1 November 2018. Registration for this year’s event is free of charge and can be completed via

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