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Consumers may go into an OTC retail store to buy hair products, but many pick up a few extra items along the way. Cosmetics are often one of the final add-ons to a customer’s order. Whether they’re grabbing some lipstick or a nail polish in a shade they’ve been hoping to try, inexpensive grab-and-go products will always be a hot seller at a beauty supply store. Be sure to take note of these popular items and stock up on your next order.



J Nail Lacquer in Clear JNP058

Why It’s the Top Contender
Clear coat nail polish is often the item that nail enthusiasts cut costs on, so to grab a bottle of the J. Nail Lacquer in Clear is likely a no-brainer for customers. Plus, this bargain polish offers an excellent clear coat for less than $2. It’s no wonder this topcoat flies off the shelves.
Suggested Retail Price: $1.09

Top Stats
Applies in an even, thin coat
Quick drying
Affordably priced

More From This Brand
This isn’t the only top seller from J Nail Lacquer. Check out the popular brand in black (JNP024).



J2 Eyelashes #066 JEL066
What’s not to love about long lasting, full lashes that are made of 100 percent human hair? We suspect this item is popular due to its glamorous lash design and affordability. Compared to other brands in its category, the J2 Eyelashes rivals its higher-priced competitors. The #066 design is particularly popular.
Suggested Retail Price: $1.89



ICU Lacquer Set Pre Pack ICUSET
Thanks to its sleek design and a vast array of colors, it’s no surprise that ICU Lacquer made the list. OTC retailers keep this brand in stock for consumers who enjoy the bright colorways and are drawn to the polish bottle’s sleek design.
Suggested Retail Price: $1.99



MAXI BB Cream BR4531
BB Creams are quite popular for their light coverage and smooth application. This makes the Maxi BB Cream a great beauty supply store staple. Customers interested in trying a BB cream will likely grab this item while purchasing other beauty products.
Suggested Retail Price: $1.99




ZURI Pressed Powder (Cocoa Bronze) ZUR701
It’s challenging for women of color to find pressed powder that matches their skin flawlessly without pinching the wallet. The Zuri Pressed Powder, however, fits the bill for many shoppers as the Cocoa Bronze shade and several others are frequent hot sellers at Jinny. This powder absorbs excess oils and reduces shine, for a natural matte finish.
Suggested Retail Price: $5.99

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