Tricks for Making your Salon Guests the Life of the Party

Use color, extensions and the right tools to make her hair the life of the party! With holiday celebrations in full swing, we need to offer our salon guests quick and easy ways to change their looks from work to weekend in a flash.

Have pre-colored wefts of hair readily available for use after a silky blowout. You can color human hair wefts in your spare time with minimal expense. Have them blown dry, curled, or straightened and ready to attach in just a few minutes. This is a great way to add profit to your next paycheck.

The trick to the smoothest blowout before adding extensions is to use the concentrator on the end of your Gold N’ Hot blow dryer. Use your favorite heat-protective blowout cream and place the heat directly onto the hair while brushing with a flat brush. A brush with a mix of nylon and boar bristles will give the shiniest finish. The nylon bristles grip the hair and direct it while the boar bristles smooth it. Push the hair in the direction you want it to lay when it is dry.

If short hair still needs a little straightening, use the 1” Gold N’ Hot Ceramic Flat Iron. I recommend the 1” is because it’s small enough to get close to the scalp and straighten the entire strand of hair. If the hair is long, you might want to consider the Gold N’ Hot 2 1/4” Flat Iron. Both sizes have a ceramic coating to keep the best evenly heated surface. The temperature setting will reach 450° F degrees. We suggest starting at 375° F degrees and moving up 20° degrees at a time to determine the best temperature for each hair type.

After coloring the wefts, you will need to protect that color with the lowest heat setting that works for the hair’s texture when styling. If a weft has been pre-lightened and then colored, it will not be as heat-resistant as natural hair. The weft will need less heat to achieve your desired look. When straightening or curling, start at 325° F degrees and go up from there. The color starts to fade sooner with temperatures over 375° F degrees. The softer heat of the ceramic and easily controlled temperature settings on the Gold N Hot flat irons make them perfect for styling wefts and extensions.

If you like to curl with a flat iron, you’ll find it very easy to work with the 1” Gold N’ Hot Ceramic Flat Iron. You can use this tool to smooth quickly. Wrap the hair around it a couple of times while sliding down each strand with tension to create curls. The versatility of this 1” flat iron makes it one of the most popular in the Gold N’ Hot line. It feels comfortable in your hand which supports ergonomics as well.

Simple tips and tricks can take your work from good to great. Making sure you have clean edges will set your work apart. The above-mentioned Gold N’ Hot 1” flat iron is easy to use on edges and short cuts, too. Because of the thin structure of the flat iron, you can get really close to the scalp to grip short hair. The best way to do this is to take thin, horizontal partings; start at the base and use tension while smoothing the hair. Use a humidity blocking finishing spray to keep the hair straight longer.

Keeping up with the latest tools and technology will help you stay in the mainstream behind the chair. Advancing your skills will keep you fresh and up to date. In today’s world of beauty, every advantage matters. Knowing proper temperature settings, tool surfaces, and using trend-setting styling techniques will show that you are on the cutting edge. It is exciting to see something new every day in the beauty industry.


Meet Detra Smith
Detra Smith is the artistic director for Belson/Gold ‘N Hot and is a Matrix Artistic Educator.

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