Uses of Vitamin E Capsules or Oil for Skin and Hair

You might have noticed that almost all beauty products have Vitamin E as their main ingredient. Vitamin E not only treats high blood pressure, heart diseases and other health problems but is also beneficial for your skin and hair. There are many ways of using Vitamin E capsules or oil for skin and hair.
Vitamin E helps in removing all scars from skin except acne. It can remove stretch marks, sunburns, pimple marks, burn marks and injury marks. Vitamin E helps to rejuvenate skin and help in growth of new cells. The new cells make your skin healthy and glowing.

Here are few uses and benefits of Vitamin E capsules or oil.

1) Vitamin E for Wrinkles and Aging Spots: Vitamin E helps in removing age spots. It also helps in reducing signs of aging by fading away the wrinkles. It prevents wrinkles by blocking formation of free radicals. It also boosts production of collagen that makes skin elastic. Vitamin E boosts the production of new cells and rejuvenates the skin making it healthy and glowing.

2) Vitamin E for Soft Skin: Vitamin E can be used as a night cream once in a week to get baby soft skin. Vitamin E has antioxidants which protect skin cells and prevent formation of free radicals that damage skin.

3) Vitamin E for Brown Spots: Brown spots on the skin are caused by free radicals, aging and poor liver function. Vitamin E oil repairs free radical damage and prevents their formation as well. Apply Vitamin E oil or capsule’s gel on brown spots to lighten them and also to make skin elastic.
4) Vitamin E for Stretch Marks: Vitamin E helps in healing scars and stretch marks. Cut the Vitamin E capsules and apply the gel on the affected area and apply until the marks or scars fade away.

5) Vitamin E for Burns: Vitamin E is effective in healing small burns. After the burn cools off, apply Vitamin E oil on the affected area and rub gently.

6) Vitamin E for Hair: Cut the Vitamin E capsule and apply the gel onto your hair. Regular use of this gel makes hair shiny and smooth. Use of Vitamin E also speeds up hair growth.

7) Vitamin E for Cuticles: Vitamin E oil is very effective for treating dry and cracked cuticles. Apply few drops of oil on nails and cuticles to make them smooth and prevent them from cracking.

Side Effects of Vitamin E: Vitamin E is safe for use on skin. It can be used daily if mixed with cream or moisturizer; otherwise it can be used thrice a week directly.

Vitamin E has side effects only on acne and acne scars. So, don’t use it on acne. Otherwise, Vitamin E is good for sensitive skin too.

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