VIA Natural Make Your Dream Colors Come True

If you’re looking for a change for your locks, there’s no better way to spice up your hair and look than with some fresh color! Color trends are hot on the market right now, with people eager to break free from the old standards and the worries and stress from the past year. Now’s the time to take the plunge and make that hair color you’ve been thinking about for months a reality.
If you’re a usual at the salon, and your go-to stylist is out of the office and staying safe during the pandemic, now is the perfect time to try out some hair colors at home! Whether you’re an old pro at coloring at home, or this is your first time, our VIA Natural Premium Semi-Permanent Hair Color is one of the best dye choices available.
Via Natural Premium Semi-Permanent Hair Color is a long-lasting, rich and creamy dye formula developed with nourishing ingredients and an endless array of color choices. Unlike other harsh and damaging dyes and colors, VIA Natural Premium hair colors have ingredients like aloe vera, C&H UV Proteins, and Vitamin E. This blend of healthy properties leaves hair soft, shiny, and manageable, so your new color looks vibrant and strong, never weak or brittle. The premium formula works with any hair type and will provide stunning results that last 6-10 shampoos.
One of the best features of our VIA Natural colors is the intense gray coverage. Our dye covers even the toughest gray hair and replaces it with beautiful color. Each bottle is designed with a precision tip, allowing you to get down to hard-to-reach roots and other areas, ensuring every strand and patch of gray is covered completely.

A Rainbow of Color Options to Choose From

Some fan favorites are our eye-catching colors, like Ruby Red, Pumpkin Patch and Copper Penny. They’re perfect if you’ve wanted to rock a daring color but are unsure of committing to the color long-term with a permanent dye job. Since our dyes are temporary, you can use them as a test drive before you go all out on permanent hair color! If you just want to see how a color will look with your features and skin tone, try dyeing a few strands around your face to frame your face and add a pop of color while you’re at it.
Other popular colors are more natural choices, such as Mahogany and Dark Cherry. These rich colors add depth and dimension to your hair as well as versatility. If you’re the kind of person who loves switching up your hair color often without too many drastic changes in between, these colors are your go to’s. These shades are also perfect to use for the subtle ombre trend and let you gently lighten up the ends of your hair. Only a shade or two of difference is all you need to get a smooth and refined look, instead of a stark difference between the colors.
Much like how a little black dress looks great on anyone, dark colors are a classic choice that matches nearly any style and skin tone. Try our Mood Indigo or Blue Black to add a hint of blue to give your hair more life and make it stand out more than just flat black. But if you’re looking for a pure and intense black, try our Jet Black Color.
Our lighter options like Copper Brown, Burgundy, and Natural Brown are stylish colors that are ideal for dyeing your whole head of hair. If you’ve got a lot of gray to cover, or if you have short hair that isn’t easily highlighted, these flattering shades will work wonders as all-over color.
With a collection of 16 colors to choose from, VIA Natural makes it fun and easy to find the precise shade you’re looking for. Pick out your favorites at your local beauty supply store or online today, and say hello to a new and exciting style!

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