Waxing African American Eyebrows

Every well-groomed woman wants perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Eyebrows frame your eyes and face and can take years off your appearance. Beautifully shaped brows, though, are easier for some women than for others. I’ve found that African Americans face a special set of challenges when it comes to having or creating “pretty” eyebrows. African American women tend to have skin that ranges from oily to combination. Also, most women of color have coarse, curly brow hairs. These facts mean women of color need to take their time and map out the brow area to ensure symmetry. These steps will help:

  1. Sanitize Your Hands and Equipment
    Proper sanitation and sterilization is important during every treatment. Sanitation is key to ensure clients experience the best possible results. Sterilize your tweezers and scissors in the Autoclave before and after each service. All disposables (such as spatulas) used during the service should be placed in a closed lidded jar and kept near the waxing station. This way you are not resting them on a potentially contaminated surface. (Recommended product: GiGi Hand Sanitizer)
  2. Sanitize Before and After Each Client
    No matter how busy or hurried you are, do not double dip in your wax! Always use a new disposable applicator. Throw each applicator away after its use. Skipping this important step could mean inadvertently exposing your clients to harmful bacteria.
  3. Clean and Measure the Entire Eyebrow Area
    The first thing you want to do is clean off the brow area to remove oils. If you start waxing without cleaning the area, the wax won’t stick properly to the skin. Once you’ve cleaned the area, you want to map out the brow. Measure each brow carefully and draw a stencil on the skin. Once you achieve the perfect shape, trim the brows by brushing the brow hair up with a spoolie brush, then trim the top of the brows. (Recommended products: GiGi Pre Hon or Pre Epilation Powder)
  4. Wax The Brow Following Your Stencil
    After you trim the brow area, it’s now time to wax. Start at the head of the brow and wax the brow in four parts. Wax the top of the brow area in two sections and the bottom of the brow area in two sections. This technique helps ensure you don’t thin out the brows.
  5. Follow Up With After Wax Care
    After you have waxed both brows, you’ll need to apply Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera prevents clogged pores and soothes the skin. I highly recommend using GiGi Milk and Honee Wax. It is suitable for all skin types, formulated with natural honey and milk extracts, and contain essential nutrients to soften and condition the skin. The new GiGi Soothing Azulene Hard Wax Beads contains chamomile which gives it a slightly sweet, relaxing aroma.

Finally, to achieve the best results, I advise my clients to grow their brows out a minimum of four weeks before booking an appointment. These steps will lead to gorgeously shaped brows that turn heads everywhere you go. Because they’re right on the front of your face, eyebrows are not an area where you can afford to go wrong. I strongly recommend going to a professional to receive this service. You can find Brow Experts in your area and on social media. Gorgeously slayed eyebrows transform your face, highlight your eyes, and lead to a confidence that transcend physical beauty.

Caroline Green, Owner of GG Brow & Beauty Bar – Brow Boss of Atlanta

IG: @alleyezongg | GG BROWS, LLC | www.ggbrows.com

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