Well Worth the Wait: Wahl Professional’s 5-Star Cordless Senior Launches in the U.S.

Actions speak louder than words. And by combining two words for the first time, Wahl Professional will make the act of cutting hair easier than ever with their newest advancement: the Cordless Senior.

After a long-awaited unveiling, it’s finally available in the U.S. market. “The Cordless Senior is something you always wished for as a barber but would never believe could happen in a million years,” says Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) member Garland “G-Whiz” Fox.“And here it is, the Cordless Senior, the most powerful Wahl cordless clipper hands down.”

For barbers and stylists looking for a heavy duty cordless clipper with strong cutting power, the new Cordless Senior is the tool to take precision on-scalp fading, clipper-over-comb and bulk hair removal clipper techniques to the next level.

“It has been amazing to hear the buzz around the world about the launch of this clipper,” says Anne Marie Kollias, National Sales Manager for Wahl Professional. “The iconic corded Senior is celebrating 65 years on the market this year, and we are thrilled to now introduce the Cordless Senior and provide more options for barbers and stylists.”

The build-up to the release of the Cordless Senior has been captivating artists and audiences through a mutual excitement for the launch.

“As each day passed, globally the hair world spoke and tuned in on what was happening,” said W.E.A.T. member Julius ‘Caesar’ Arriola, who attended Salon International last October for the launch of the Cordless Senior in the U.K. “Everyone wanted a piece of the action, whether they were at the show or not.”

The precision, speed and power of the Cordless Senior was demonstrated by W.E.A.T.’sGarland “G-Whiz” Fox on the Wahl Professional stage and in the classroom at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in February.

“That was the first and only time that the Cordless Senior was available in U.S., and it sold out on the first day of the show,” says Fox. “We reserved one to be awarded to a Wahl class participant who came to the stage afterward and could answer five questions in one minute. The winner, who answered everything right, plus the competitive nature of this, that’s how bad people wanted to get the Cordless Senior. “

The Cordless Senior is at the forefront of design and technology. In the industry where almost everyone is looking for cordless alternatives, the Cordless Senior is the premier option, combining high-performance, precision technology with nostalgic historic value.

“It’s absolutely one of my favorite tools,” says Arriola. “It doesn’t fail to deliver exactly what it’s made for: Precision, power, and durable performance…all without a cord holding me

Running on a lithium-ion battery (70-minute run time) with a powerful motor and precision cutting blade, the impact this tool cuts with places it at the forefront of haircutting

Additional features, such as a 5-Star surgical fade blade, higher blade speed, more torque, a powerful cordless motor, and heavy duty aluminum cover lid and iconic design all make the Cordless Senior an elite tool within the industry.

Describing how the Cordless Senior compares with the Cordless Magic Clip, Fox remarks:“There is no way to pick one and not the other. The Cordless Magic Clip and Cordless Senior are unique in their own ways and you need to have both or you’re not official.”

Both blades are flat precision, with the allowance of zero-gapping. The Cordless Magic Clip boasts a unique stagger-tooth blade which makes smooth blending effortless, while the Cordless Senior blade quickly removes hair with laser-sharp accuracy.

“Both tools demand their own pedestal, but work very much hand-in-hand with each other,” says Arriola.

“Picasso could never have made his art with one brush and one paint color,” adds Fox. “The blade on the Magic Clip and power and precision of the Senior give you the perfect fade. Knowing what tool you have and how to use it, puts you above the average in your cutting skills.”

As for maintaining your tools, the first step begins with reading the instructions on how to extend the life of the motor and preserve the blade.

“Proper oil and cleaning are key,” says Fox.

“As always, be sure to use Wahl Blade Ice after every haircut,” says Arriola. “Then use Wahl Clini-Clip Disinfectant Spray to ensure full sanitary conditions for everlasting performance and routinely follow the 5-point oil process using Wahl Oil to keep the blades running

Barbers and stylists who are looking for a lightweight but remarkably powerful clipper with even more cutting versatility will be ready to increase their artistry with the Cordless

“I believe this clipper will be a favorite of our long-time Wahl fans and will attract a new fan base looking for a lot of power in a cordless option,” says Kollias.

“It’s just different,” says Fox. “It’s a different feel, different flow, it’s almost magical.”

For more information about the launch of the Cordless Senior, please visit www.wahlpro.com

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