What is Sulfate Free Shampoo and why is it Relevant?

These days, many of us are growing increasingly aware of the products we are using on our hair and skin. The idea is to avoid hair care products or skin care products that contain harsh chemicals and can end up causing more harm than good. This is why there is a lot of buzz surrounding a sulfate free shampoo for instance. What is sulfate free shampoo? It is a shampoo that comes devoid of sulfate compounds such as sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate that generate foam while a person is using the product to wash hair.


Why sulfates are bad for your tresses

The use of a shampoo containing sulfates can lead to irritation of the scalp and loss of hair. Moreover, the sulfate compounds are known to draw moisture from the hair and scalp, which in turn can make the hair strands dry and brittle over time.

The use of shampoos containing sulfates can also fade hair color; so women using hair color would be better off using a sulfate free shampoo.


Get acquainted with the benefits of using a sulfate free shampoo

Such a product would not harm your tresses in the long run. So, how are the sulfate free shampoos different? A sulfate free shampoo would not generate froth and sometimes this can be interpreted to mean that the shampoo is not cleaning the hair and scalp properly. Such assumptions are far removed from the truth. You can use a sulfate free shampoo to gently clean your hair and scalp of accumulated build-up without forming any foam. So, if are dealing with thin, fine hair strands, you can start using a sulfate free shampoo to maintain the youthful appearance of your tresses over time.


Know how to identify the best

So, how do you identify the best sulfate free shampoo from all the myriad
choices currently available?


Check the ingredients that go into the making of the product

Look for a product that in addition to being devoid of sulfates also comes infused with vitamins and antioxidants that would nourish and soothe your hair and scalp with every wash. The best in class products would also contain hydrolyzed keratin that would form a protective shield along the cuticle of your hair strands and protect your tresses from
outside damage.


Read reviews posted by actual users

You can know more about a product by going through online product reviews posted by actual users. A large number of women agreeing that a particular sulfate free shampoo is good can be the go ahead sign you are looking for. You can invest in such a product and start using it as directed to maintain the manageability, volume, and luster in your hair strands.

So, make the most of the latest developments taking place in the hair care domain. What is sulfate free shampoo? Get answers to this very important question at the earliest and initiate the journey back towards thicker, fuller, and healthier looking hair strands.


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