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Holiday season is quickly approaching. October kicks it off with leaves falling, temperatures dropping, and kids getting ready to play dress up for Halloween. The shelves of stores are changing around this time of the year and certain products stand out more than usual. Also, in the month of October, pink ribbons and the color pink are sure to catch your eye, bringing attention to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Granted, National Breast Cancer Awareness is not a holiday, but it is used as a month-long recognition of brave women.

You will find there are no limits to products that can be printed with the color pink or adorned with a pink ribbon. You will notice the color pink on everyday items such as hair and skincare product packaging, clothing, jewelry, bags, pens and even candy. In every store you visit, there will be products stamped with pink. Manufacturers repackage or reposition thousands of products every year to support cause-related marketing like Breast Cancer Awareness.

According to the site www.frompinktoprevention.org, cause-related marketing (CRM) is a marketing-style option which might appeal to companies wanting to gain market advantage, improve their market position, improve their standing with customers, or increase sales and profits by linking their products to a particular cause. Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause that provides the general public, as well as millions of women and families affected by this devastating disease, with information and inspiration. The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s stated mission is: “Helping women now. Providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.”

OTC owners display products with pink labels or pink ribbon logos to show they support cancer awareness and research. Many times, owners can expect to enjoy an increase in sales when partnering with companies that are committed to the cause. Now remember, just because a product doesn’t have a pink ribbon on the product doesn’t mean that the distributor does not support Breast Cancer Awareness and research.

As responsible store owners is it important to purchase products that celebrate and support the lives of women. Store owners who carry breast cancer-themed products are perceived to be socially aware and in favor of supporting cancer awareness and research. The pink ribbon signifies strength and is easily recognized as a promotion for breast cancer. Even if consumers are not familiar with the pink-themed products or pink ribbons, they stand out and encourage consumers to ask questions. Increase your sales this month by actively promoting the awareness of breast cancer, which affects many women and families around you in your own neighborhood, and perhaps your own family.

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