Which Tool is Right for the Job? Part 3 of 3

In my previous two articles, I spoke about the Master® and Envy™, two high-performing adjustable blade clippers. This month, I’m going to switch it up and highlight the detachable blade clipper design—a must-have for every clipper cutter.

The key feature of a detachable blade clipper is that varying cut lengths are achieved with interchangeable blade sets that install in seconds. For example, want to go skin bald? Use a size 0000 blade. Need a ¼” cut length? Simply pop on a size 2 blade. Using attachment combs is unnecessary.

For anyone looking to invest in his or her first detachable blade clipper, I recommend the Andis Excel Ultra™ detachable blade clipper. This sleek, lightweight clipper features a comfortable, ergonomic housing and a stronger blade drive. A rotary motor handles heavy-duty cutting and stays cool and quiet while a swivel cord reduces tangling.

The Excel Ultra is also a great value to the budget-conscious clipper cutter. Compared to other clippers in the Andis detachable line, the Excel Ultra is similar in cutting power, comfort and durability, but comes at a more affordable price point since it is a single-speed tool. It’s also a great buy because it comes equipped with two popular UltraEdgeÔ blade sizes—a size 000 and size 1. It works with all Andis UltraEdgeÔ, Andis CeramicEdgeÔ and Oster 76 blades.

Just like the Andis Master, Andis MVP and Envy, the Excel Ultra is made in the USA, which means it will deliver years of service and replacement parts will be readily available should you ever need them. For the hands-on clipper cutter who performs self-maintenance to ensure a long lasting, smooth-running tool, the internal parts of the Excel Ultra are straightforward. When I disassembled mine, I was pleased to see that all the parts were well-designed and accessible should I need to service them down the road.

You can see the Excel Ultra clipper in action in two of the American Legacy Collection Series 2 videos from Andis: the “Asymmetrical Stacked Bob” and the “Pompadour.” Watch them at www.andis.com/GetTheLook.

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