Why Little Boys Need Curl Peace™

Just for Me® is changing the face of children’s haircare with Curl Peace™: the natural hair care line for girls AND boys.
The fragrance notes for Curl Peace™ are fresh and clean, much like their natural ingredients. This gender-neutral approach can also be found in the blues and greens of Curl Peace™ packaging. Even the iconic multi-color Just for Me® logo takes on a gender-neutral navy color.

Do boys really need great hair care? Some believe that boys’ hair doesn’t require as much maintenance as girls. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Keep reading to find out why boys need and DESERVE Curl Peace™.
Boys are growing their coils and curls. Gone are the days where a low-cut fade was the style of choice for young boys.

  1. Today’s kids are increasingly conscious of their appearance. They are looking to display the latest trends in grooming and fashion, as seen on their favorite celebrities, social media and even video games. With the explosion of men’s grooming in recent years, it only makes sense for hair care to follow suit. But proper maintenance is key.
  2. Boys need wash day. Wash day is about more than cleansing the hair and scalp.
    – Wash Day is the best time to detangle, but many kids and parents dread this because it hurts! When parents use Curl Peace Tender Head Pre-Shampoo Detangling Treatment, pain-free detangling becomes a reality. It creates a slippery barrier between strands allowing fingers and combs to effortlessly glide through the hair for the gentle detangling experience they deserve.
    – Curl Peace Ultimate Detangling Shampoo helps kid’s coils and curls to flourish by gently washing away the buildup of product, dead skin environmental toxins from the scalp without stripping the hair. This sulfate-free softens hair and promotes healthy growth.
    – Curl Peace Ultimate Detangling Conditioner detangles as it nourishes the hair and scalp for softer, shinier hair.
  3. Boys need added moisture. Conditioning leave-in products are essential for healthy-looking hair that retains hydration and length.

Curl Peace 5-in-1 Wonder Spray is packed with five major benefits, including detangling, conditioning, frizz reduction, hydration and shine for softer, healthier curls.
Curl Peace Nourishing Hair & Scalp Butter replenish dry coils and curls, to lock in hydration and soothe the scalp.

  1. Boys need styling options. This is the fun part, and Just for Me Curl Peace has all the products parents need to achieve the most popular styles for boys.

Defined Curls: NEW Curl Peace Nourishing & Defining Slime Styler is the gentle gel for kids that defines curls and adds shine.
Braids & Twists: Rough and tumble play are no match for Curl Peace Braiding & Twisting Grip Glaze, which holds styles for longer without drying or damaging the hair.
Boy Buns: Hair buns are a trend for boys too. Curl Peace Smoothing Ponytail & Edge Control will slick the hair and hairlines for the perfect style that shines.

As the world becomes more inclusive, it is essential for brands to be sensitive to the evolving needs of the customers they serve.

Just for Me® Curl Peace™ features products free of mineral oil, petrolatum and parabens for easier wash days, added moisture and gentle, long-lasting styles for all kids with curls and coils, including boys.

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