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We have plenty of products to help customers maintain their wigs and extensions. From shampoos to silicone conditioners, there are plenty of items to help you along your wig journey. Expert merchandiser Scott Zangwill offers advice on how to capitalize on the one product every OTC store has in stock.

“Wigs spray? Yes, wigs for women have become a considerable portion of the OTC store sales. The sales margins on wigs and hair extensions can be very large. That’s why nearly every OTC store sells wigs and extensions. Wigs come in many shapes, sizes, lengths and, of course, colors. Since wigs can be pricey – ranging from $20 to $200 or more – it is important that customers have the tools to maintain them. By using volume sprays, weave oils and shines, finishing mists, and leave-in conditioning sprays and detanglers, there are plenty of wet spray items to manage wigs and extensions.

Several key points to remember when selling these items in your stores:

  1. Place wig sprays in a few locations since wigs are typically shelved on the walls surrounding the store. It’s important to put up a sign showing where the wigs sprays are located.
  2. You may want to place two bottles of your three bestsellers near the register since customers tend to forget little things like these.
  3. If you have Styrofoam heads in your stores, place some bottles around those areas, as well.

Finally, the wig sprays can help your customers manage and store the wigs to look better and last longer. They can be used on straight or curly hair, regardless of whether it’s human hair or not. Your shoppers will appreciate these items when investing in their next wig or extensions.”

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