The ABCs of Digital Marketing

According to the Harvard Business Review and the post-COVID CMO survey, social media marketing spending saw a 74 percent lift in 2020. In addition, traditional marketing activity was projected to decline during…

Introducing Sauce Beauty

Haircare products are inspired by delectable recipes from kitchens around the world – all perfected by science. Sauce Beauty products are meant to be fun and whimsical, but at the same time,…


Style & Wrap Moussefor all Hair Types This easy to apply foam adds incredible shine and body when used for heat styling, wrapping, braiding or setting your hair. Features & BenefitsNon-sticky, no…

제 16회뷰티 트레이드쇼

조지아 애틀란타 뷰티 협회 조지아 애틀랜타 뷰티 협회(회장 이강하)가 주최하는 ’16회 조지아 뷰티 트레이드쇼’ 가 3월 10일, 칼리지 파크에 위치한 조지아 인터내셔널 컨벤션센터 (GICC)에서 성황리에 개최됐다.조지아 뷰티 트레이드쇼는 뷰티 산업의 혁신과 다양성을…

Hydration & Superior Hold

Check out Jinny’s top-selling products. From intense moisture to impeccable styling and enduring hold, these selections are a perfect match if you want your store to be at the forefront of beauty…

8 Strategies for Rising Leaders

So you want to be a leader? Do these 8 things… By Jim Bouchard Before you start it’s OK to admit you’re unmercifully critical of any “X Steps” advice when it comes…

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