Coloring Beyond the Basics

Hair, makeup and nail color trends have presented a kaleidoscope of dramatic color. Bold and extreme choices have become acceptable and popular. Consumers are comfortably selecting makeup and hair shades from various hues beyond basic primary colors. As OTC consumers prepare to purchase their shade selections for the upcoming 2016-2017 season, they will shop beyond the basics. Reds, blues and yellows will be evident in their very muted, and blended hues of mauve, cobalt and teals. Experimenting with color and color combinations has become the norm for the health and beauty industry. Consumers are taking more risks and becoming more energetic in their application techniques. Daring evening looks are creeping into daytime. What’s really shocking is that these designs and hues work for all nationalities.

Shade trends are coming directly from the fashion runways and movie theaters. For instance, super-heroine movies and movies beyond the looking glass are teaching consumers that a basic black eyeliner is not the only choice. Eyeliners and eyebrows can be tinted green or violet. Hair coloring does not have to be brown or red—it can be fuchsia or teal. And, basic foundation shades can be selected with more control. One major manufacturer has launched 22 different shades of foundation to reflect the full range of skin tones from around the world after researching more than 7,000 global skin tones.

Consumers are becoming individualistic about color, but it’s not in the direction of punk rock. It’s in sophisticated, elegant hues that go beyond the basics.

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