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Shoppers have always struggled with the ever-changing dynamic of hair color. Should your hair be dyed a fun, seasonal color, or should you go down the natural path? The answers depend on your confidence and personal tastes.

As an OTC store owner, you should know the differences between the terms semi-permanent and permanent. When your customers ask about these types of dyes, you can tell them that semi-permanent color covers the outside of the hair shaft but not the inside. Semi-permanent dyes provide full coverage for greying hair, too. It really is a surface coloring of the hair. The color will gradually fade with each shampoo and should last approximately four to six weeks and or six to eight washings.

Permanent hair dye, on the other hand, changes the outside and inside of the hair shaft and offers the longest-lasting color. You can let your customers know that many large manufacturers carry these dyes. There is a plentiful selection of colors to choose from, whether it’s black, brown, cocoa bean, red velvet, honey, dirty ash and platinum blonde – they are all hot right now. This is great for your customers, as the choices are endless.

Companies like Clairol, L’Oreal, Madison Reed, Kiss, Wella and Manic Panic have complete collections available for those wanting to take the leap into the wonderful world of hair color. Let your customers know that they should have complete confidence in these products for their longevity. I would let your customers know how much they can save by doing this for themselves. They will also be buying these items from you, the OTC store owners.

The cost of the semi-permanent bottle can run anywhere from $4.99 to $12.99, depending on color and company. Once your customers try these products and see how much they can save by doing their hair color themselves, they will save a lot at salons and will continue to buy their color products from you instead.

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