Headbands and Geles Crown the Accessory Market


Fabric, ornaments and jewelry for hair and everywhere seem to be trending toward rustic, native influences. Popular designs are being inspired by woods, feathers, beads, and metals reminiscent of Indian maidens. Or, consumers are wearing headbands and scarves that are reminiscent of “Gone with the Wind.” Either direction lends itself to very textured patterns for scarves, geles or glamourized do-wraps. Several celebrities have embraced this look and consumers are fusing them into contemporary fashion statements. Consumers are weaving these textures into their weaves, or covering their entire heads with these wraps and headdresses. The African-wraps are often hard to configure, and usually someone from the country has to wrap it for the consumer. Patterns inspired by Asian and African influences often have metallic sparkles. Some patterns and shapes being used for the hair wraps and turbans are coming back from another Americana era. Modern day consumers are embracing it.

When stocking up on accessories for hair and body adornment don’t forget the need for matching electronics accessories. There is so much to choose from! It costs little to customize the smart phone to coordinate with the outfit, or the colors in scarves and wraps. As impulse items, electronic accessories can be a very profitable front end purchase. Consumers now think of their smart devices as an extension of their business and personal life. They can track calories, activities, steps, appointments, OTC sales and food coupons in a minute. Why not have accompanying electronic accessories in every color?

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