How to Take Care of Your Edges

Hair loss, especially around the edges is all too common for black women. Whether you wear your hair natural or relaxed, edges speak volumes about your hair health, and just how well you maintain your overall look, period. Stress, hereditary, diet and even our obsession with wearing weaves, braids and lace front wigs can damage your hair line. There are other ways you can get thinning edges. Excessive pulling, tugging, tight ponytails and buns are not good for you if you make them too tight. The edges of your hair are very thin and fragile, which means they are more likely to break or come out. So take time to give your edges some love.

Scalp stimulating oils and treatments
There are many victims of hair loss, so we have to learn to educate ourselves on what do to keep our hairline and scalp intact. To give your hair moisture, you can use products like Evonne Essentials Sweet Citrus Touch Magic Growth Balm or Strengthening Serum Growth Oil. These products have natural ingredients in them such as shea butter, Vitamin E oil, castor oil and more that gives your hair the nourishment that it needs. These products not only smell and feel amazing, but they also contain ingredients that are known to nourish and stimulate the scalp and hair. Whichever product you use, you need to massage the oils, liquids and/or creams into your edges with your fingers. Do not use the bristle of a brush. That does not help your edges.

Evonne Essentials

Hairline-Friendly Ingredients

  • Water hydrates the hair and body. It helps regulate the circulatory system, which feeds the hair follicle, which then stimulates hair growth.
  • Castor oil is a great oil to promote hair growth and control hair loss. Castor oil carries ricinoleic acid and omega-6, which accelerate blood circulation the scalp, hence increasing hair growth. It also fights scalp infections and dandruff.
  • Shea butter is a natural ingredients that is great for nourishing hair. It also has inflammatory properties which help to heal the scalp to re-grow.
  • Peppermint oil can help stimulate hair growth because of its ability to increase blood circulation around the scalp.

Maintaining Your Edges
To stop breakage and maintain your edges, try managing your stress, have a balanced diet and changing your hairstyling routine to include safe low maintenance styles. You can also reduce heat styling, stop using harsh chemicals (i.e. dyes, bleaches, relaxers, etc.), give your hair moisture, loosen up the styles that may cause tension on the scalp and wear a silk scarf.
The hair edges for many women are often the victims of constant abuse. It’s time we took better care of our hairlines. We have to treat our edges like royalty. We must pay attention to our hair needs and take the time to treat and repair our hair.


Meet Evonne Jordan
Evonne Jordan, author and founder of Evonne Essentials Healthy Hair Care Products, is a motivational speaker. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a minor in Human Resource Management. She is also the owner of Evonne Essentials Beauty Supply Store and Salon in Madison, Alabama. In 1994, after finishing cosmetology college, she opened a nail and beauty salon called Fashion Nails where she pampered clients from head to toe. She has a passion to help others reach their goals. Contact Evonne Jordan at or call 256-325-0525.

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