Innovation Gets Personal in 2018

The beauty industry will no longer rely on stereotypical beauty standards. Inclusivity versus diversity in marketing will determine the ideal of innovation in the coming year. Beauty standards come in all shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, and genders. Skin tone and hair texture will be marketed as a continuous range reflecting individuals from every biology. The beauty and personal care industry will represent the world, as consumers view the world of unique personalization. Products must be marketed to the millennials as well as the aging boomers. Products must embrace the gender neutral as well as the transgendered. Halal, kosher and vegan will become mainstream benefits in cosmetics as well as toothpaste.

The more inclusive the beauty industry becomes, the more diverse beauty shoppers will be able to rapidly embrace who they are and where to find their products. Consumers, especially OTC consumers will expect the industry to respond with personalized innovation. Shades and textures of foundations were recently launched in as many shades as it takes to accommodate and include all consumers. Anti-aging reparative features for the elegant elderly will be positioned as preventative mandates for the pro-aging X and Y generations. Imaging products and tools will be structured for delicate traditional make up and artistic enough for new consumers into the make-up arena to design outside traditional norms. Consumers want it all and they want it fast.

Each consumer no matter the ethnicity, culture or gender wants to be considered an equal player in the market place. Consumers will rely on personal claims and personal technology to demand innovation at the store level. Variety, customization and innovative formulations should be available at every price point. Consumers are being influenced by the caliber of products, devices and services available on the web. They want this same personal innovation to meet them in the OTCs.

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