Jinny Unleashes its own JLOFT Mobile Software/Application to its OTC Store Accounts

It will make you Better

Jinny Corporation is pleased to announce JLOFT Mobile, a customer version of Jinny United JOS Warrior sales-force software/application. It is currently used by the Jinny United sales team nationwide and finally after four years, Jinny Corp. will unveil its software/application to its OTC retail accounts.



This ordering system has been sought out by numerous OTC store owners and managers for quite some time, but Jinny Corp. wanted to wait until they felt comfortable in delivering the very best software/application to its customers before releasing.


Jinny Corporation has a very good understanding on how this new technology will lead and manage their business, and how it could impact the business as a whole. They want to be able to share the knowledge to their customers so that they will be able to change and adapt to the ever-changing technological world that we live in.


The features of the JLOFT Mobile software/application will be far more advanced compared to anything in the entire beauty industry from a business-to-business point of view. Jinny Corp. is very confident that their OTC retail customers will enjoy using this ordering software, and it will enhance the overall store business beyond just placing a simple order.


The main strengths of the JLOFT Mobile are:

  1. Jinny Corp. will always be upgrading consistently in order to make its software/application better than the previous version. This has been Jinny United and Top Manager Eddie Jhin’s core philosophy since 1995, and the IT department will get the same treatment in the future as well.
  2. Jinny Corp. fully understands how the OTC stores operate their current businesses, and JLOFT Mobile was programmed and intended to be used for the beauty supply stores. This is why Jinny Corp. is confident that their customers will be very satisfied with JLOFT Mobile.


JLOFT Mobile will be able to be used on all three main platforms: Windows, Apple and Android. Jinny Corp. is nearing completion on the Android version and should be completed on all three platforms by November 2015.


The application will include the following features:

  1. The ability to create orders without network connectivity
  2. Access 24 hours/day, 365 days/year to data (Jinny Corp., JBS Hair and Dream product updates)
  3. Currently includes over 32,000 product images and more are added daily (professional quality images)
  4. Access to JLOFT Mobile (deals and promotions for JLOFT Mobile users only; you will earn $$$ every month)
  5. Over 60,000 products to choose from
  6. Order confirmation by phone as well as email (a Jinny United sales person will contact you immediately after each order placed)
  7. Hard copy of every order on your device
  8. Ability to include special instructions (asking for samples, requesting a time of delivery, etc.)
  9. Available in Apple, Android and Windows versions (it will be able to download to any of your devices)
  10. Product knowledge will be available (OTC store staff and owners will be able to learn and communicate with consumers and shoppers on the usage of the product)
  11. Videos and pictures of new ideas can be seen and saved
  12. Jinny United sales papers can be received immediately instead of waiting for the mail
  13. JLOFT Mobile will give important news to its users much faster, and in some cases only exclusively to its users.
  14. Features a price comparison analysis tablet. (This analysis tablet calculates the prices and lets you know who has the best prices as well as its inventory stock status from any vendor and distributor.) This version will be coming out February 2016.


JLOFT Mobile will be a great asset to OTC retail stores, and once Jinny Corp. is ready to release its first version, it will be advertised in OTC Beauty Magazine. Anyone interested at that time may contact their sales person to find out more information.

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