In the heart of Chicago, Illinois, a legacy of barbering excellence continues to thrive through the innovative efforts of Corey O. Daurham, the driving force behind ChaZap Inc. As the son of W.O. Daurham, a revered figure in the barber profession since 1975, Corey has inherited a passion for hair and skin care that has shaped the success of ChaZap Inc. Their products have become essential tools for barbers, hair stylists, and beauty enthusiasts alike. In this exclusive interview, Corey shares insights into his journey, the inspiration behind their renowned product line, and how ChaZap Inc. supports beauty supply store owners in delivering exceptional quality to their customers.


OTC: Can you tell us about your background and how you became involved in ChaZap Inc.?
Corey Daurham:
I became a licensed barber in 2008, when I was laid off from my corporate job. Ten years later, a year after the passing of my father, I became a barber school owner in 2018, taking over the business and starting off where my father left off before his passing. At the time, we had one barber instructor, so I decided to become a licensed instructor in 2021. I became involved in ChaZap Inc by working hair shows and assisting with manufacturing the products with my father from 1996-2017. I inherited the business once my father passed, and we have been rocking and rolling ever since.

OTC: Your father, W.O. Daurham, started in the barber profession in 1975. How has his legacy influenced the vision and direction of ChaZap Inc.?
My father’s legacy has given me the drive to continue to provide a quality product with an affordable price for current and future barbers to use.

OTC: ChaZap Inc. is known for its diverse range of products, from Liquid Razor to Super Fast Hair Grow Spray. What inspired the development of these specific products?
Liquid razor came about after feedback from customers that wanted a crisp hairline but could not handle the sharpness of a razor blade. While some barbers still use the razor blade cohesively with the Liquid Razor, it was not designed to be used in that way. However, to much avail, barbers use the Liquid Razor how they see fit. The Super-Fast Hair Grow Spray was inspired to help black hair stay moisturized while maintaining the hair’s growth life.

OTC: What sets ChaZap Inc. products apart from other hair and skin care products on the market?
Consistency is what sets us apart from other skin care and hair product lines. You may find a great product today, but the next time you purchase it, it may not have the same effect. Our products are made with the highest quality of ingredients and we don’t take shortcuts in the process. We stick to the ingredients that have helped us maintain consistency and we pride ourselves on this.

OTC: Can you share some success stories or testimonials from barbers and hair stylists who use your products?
Some testimonials would be regarding the non-flakiness of our product and there are several testimonials regarding the consistency of the product and how it always does what it’s supposed to do.

OTC: How does your company ensure the quality and effectiveness of its products?
To ensure the quality and effectiveness of our products, we perform a consistency test and the products are used daily by our barber students, welcoming any feedback relating to how the products are performing.

OTC: As a company based in Chicago, Illinois, how has the local community influenced your business and product development?
The community has influenced our business through word of mouth, online testimonials, and customer/barber feedback.

OTC: What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in growing ChaZap Inc., and how have you overcome them?
Some of the biggest challenges with growing ChaZap has been a lack of marketing and advertising. We are attending more barber-focused hair shows to overcome these challenges and gaining a stronger social media presence.

OTC: What advice would you give to beauty supply store owners who are looking to expand their product offerings with ChaZap Inc. products?
To any beauty supply store owners looking to expand their product offerings, I would say, if you don’t already have it, start carrying the ChaZap line. Your sales will increase!

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