Merry Reality Season!

This holiday season marks the end of a long very un-merry year. Recent events and the election have forced us to see ourselves for who we really are…the good, the bad and the glamourous. It may be coincidental, but the beauty and color trends seem to be dark and murky. Maybe the metaphor for this holiday season is that we are facing a deep, dark reality. Our light and bright image fantasies have to be revived in us—maybe next spring. We’re gladly welcoming this holiday season as we face the new reality of who we are as a nation.

The design world has focused on deep, somber tones of black-navy, beetroot and leaden metallic. Somber can be sophisticated. Muted can be marvelous. Dimmed can be delightful. Hair shades and extensions will be deep, dark and dimmed with shocking shades of blues and green replacing the neons. Eye décor will be sharp, black-lined and dramatic. Nails will be very neutral or very pronounced grays, greens and purples.

While the palette may be deeper than usual, there is no limit to the innovation and creativity in store for the holidays. OTCs should be aware that this is a very dimensional season. Objects will be attached to hair, skin and nails—three dimensional, larger than life objects from cheery Swarovski crystals, to ornamental bling! This holiday season will be merry and gay. It will be a welcome escape from an exhaustive year. Shopping may be the consumers’ best therapy for celebrating.

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