Rejoice, Recover and Purchase

This year, 2016, ends with good tidings of good riddance! This was the year of so many extremes. Consumers seem glad to phase out their radical hair color, dramatic makeup designs and over-the-top wilding hair styles. Consumers ended the year by selecting calming, natural shades for hair, makeup and nail color. Did the previously, bold aggressive palettes and studded, dimensional makeup design reflect the year’s stressful occurrences? Did fear, lack of funds, and falsehoods create a fed-up rebellious spirit? If any of this year’s events impacted the psyche of the consumer, they will end the year with purchases that upgrade their self-esteem and reinforce their values.

OTC consumers tried every possible trend from radical design images to proactive wellness regimes. In 2016, new limits to beauty concepts and techniques were revealed. It was an adventurous year. Consumers were as invigorated by the images portrayed in the evening news as the silver screen. This year was its own reality show! Women were portrayed as superstars, victims, and survivors. They were lifted up and crushed down. Enough of 2016 was enough. Consumers want to reboot their image and recharge their spirits.

Women are now resorting to a more neutral and tonal palette with their makeup by choosing colors that enhance their features versus manipulating them. It is predicted that consumers will be moving away from unnatural projections of themselves. This year, social media may have taught them that they can and will define the boundaries of beauty and self-awareness. Beauty manufacturers heard a major lesson from this outgoing year: mature consumers, as well as Millennials, became one monolithic community when basic respect was challenged.

So rejoice! The year has ended with a resolve that consumers can reset their beauty profile, and standards of decorum. The outward purchases reflect their inner self expression.

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