The Global Road to Anti-Aging Hair

Global advancement in hair care is combining heritage and technology claims. Anti-aging claims in the hair care category are exemplified by multi-functional benefits that counteract UV damage, heat exposure, pollution, stress and genetic graying. One global solution is rooted in the “Tree of Life” – the African Baobab tree. Its fruit and seeds contain high concentrations of antioxidants and the mineral calcium. It is said to prevent cancer and heart disease. It is now featured in formulations designed to prevent anti-aging in hair care products. The seed protein captures the legendary traits of the tree to store moisture, withstand harsh climates and nourish through the ages.

Another fascinating global technology is the anti-aging cure for graying hair. Melanocytes are cells in hair follicles that determine color. Gray or white hair is due to age-related depletion of melanocytes which is a direct result of depletion of melanocyte stem-cells. Globally, specialty raw material companies are striving to provide products with anti-graying properties and products that work well with gray hair. Stimulating natural hair color will be a new frontier for all OTC customers. Choice in hair colorants may one day be sold beyond the bottle.

Both technology and global heritage will continue to strengthen the branding. Country of origin will remain important to consumers as they seek to associate expertise with national pride and heritage. Consumers will respond to price/value perceptions, safety, and promotional stimulation. However, the heritage of the “Tree of Life” or worldwide stem cell manipulation is hard to resist.

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