The Revival of Nature’s Green Bounty

Color forecasts for the upcoming year are reminiscent of a revival. Fashion and beauty icons selected the top 10 colors for 2017. It is a surprising collection of colors that capture nature’s bounty of greens, blues, and overall nature. These shades are evidence that consumers are seeking the spirit of renewal and hope. They want to be invigorated and surrounded by nature.

This year’s earthy shades all revolve around greenery. From the greens that spring brings to the muted hues that surface in every season. Kale, Dogwood, Yarrow and Lapis all create a healthy palate of sunlight and the great outdoors. Hazelnut and Flame are all shades of warmth and serenity. Your choices will be akin to a subconscious renewal and commitment to all things positive and light. It is said that this is a way of oxygenating – becoming enriched and renewed through nature. It’s time for a bit of fresh air.

Consumers will not be shy of lip, eye and nail colors that run the gamut. Shades of green will be found in hair choices either through graduated ombré tones of green or splashes of green streaks. Temporary hair color shades of greens and blues have already hit the market. Consumers are turning over a new leaf! These subtle and muted tones are not normally in lip products or eyeliners, shoppers will seek the most sophisticated hues. This revival of color is not a rebellious statement. It is a refreshing, re-start of how the world is going to focus on new concepts in beauty and imagery. As the fashion collections on the runways make their way to the neighborhoods, this year’s bounty of colors will make a refreshing statement of revival.

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