Ushering in the New Beauty Regimen!

As we welcome in our new global world order, OTCs will be ushering in new products, techniques and beauty trends. The new governmental regime has called on consumers to identify as a united mix of nationals. New looks will lead to new beauty regimens. In 2017, the consumers will totally revamp the thinking of the beauty industry. What are the categories to focus on? It may not be wise to rely on past trends. For instance, hair styles that require shaving and sharpening will initiate products and techniques that are truly universal. Styles may no longer be gender specific or racially specific. Multiculturalism has become the revered and feared symbol of globalization. Metrosexual-ism has become commonplace throughout the land, not just in the major cities. OTC shelves will reflect the highs and lows of product selection—less wigs and more shaving implements; less relaxers and more natural textures; less technology and more technique. Products that are used to create and maintain shapes and tones of this worldwide collective will be in high demand.

Consumers have become cautious and plagued with uncertainty. Images of defiance and asymmetry will unify this generation of OTC customers. What may have been considered expected or normal for hair, skin, makeup or nails may not be what was on the shelf last year. They will seek fast and efficient products—no limits, no preconceived notions, no yesteryear conventions. As millennials may have started the trends, the techniques will spread toward all ages, types and textures.

Hopefully 2017 will reflect a new awakening in spirit and in inspiration. Consumers have been challenged to think and express themselves individually and communally. New boundaries have been set for all segments of the market place. This new regime has truly provoked a new beauty regimen.

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