Waksē is elevating at-home waxing with a visually stunning product and an

experience designed to be unlike any other.


Face masks and bath bombs, make room–waksē is here to share the spotlight for at-home pampering! Founded by Shayan Sadrolashrafi and Andrew Glass, waksē is the first at-home waxing company to incorporate luxury, viral social media appeal, and trend-based products in a traditionally unpleasant customer experience.  With a sensorial approach to the at-home waxing experience that includes vibrant colors and intoxicating scents waksē is changing the industry and providing customers with a step in their beauty routine they’ll want to savor–and share.

Waksē is a standout in the industry for its beautifully designed product, premium packaging, and focus on the user experience.  Where traditional at-home waxes offer users nothing in terms of aesthetic appeal, waksē offers strip-less waxes in a variety of mesmerizing colors like rose gold, gold and silver.  The look of the product alone is so captivating, users won’t be able to resist snapping a picture before a single hair is removed. But waksē doesn’t just offer a product that users will want to show off to their friends and followers.  Infused with essential oils that smell like pineapple, chocolate and lavender, with the option of an accompanying “melting pot,” waksē products engage the senses and create a craveable, spa-like waxing experience.  Each was is available in two sizes, 12.8oz (perfect for face and body) or 4.8oz (perfect for smaller areas like underarms).


Product highlights from waksē include:

Gold Hard Wax Beans – Infused with calming essential oils scented like Pineapple
Each strip-less wax feature a custom scent that is coordinated with the wax color. Gold has a pineapple fragrance and
includes pineapple essential oils. Perfect for face and body. ($26 USD) / Mini Gold Hard Wax Beans ($15 USD)

Rose Gold Hard Wax Beans – Infused with calming essential oils scented like Chocolate
waksē’s shimmery new waxes are packed with calming essential oils that soothe and nourish the skin. Rose Gold is
subtly scented like chocolate and include soothing essential oils. Perfect for face and body. ($26 USD) / Mini Rose Gold
Hard Wax Beans ($15 USD)

Liquid Mercury- Infused with calming essential oils scented like Lavender
At home waxing has never been easier. Enjoy a strip-less waxing experience dripping in liquid Chrome. With calming
essential oils scented like Lavender, the waksē Liquid Mercury hard wax beans are an luxuriously modern waxing
experience. ($26 USD) / Mini Liquid Mercury ($15 USD)

waksē Reusable Melting Pot TM
Simply pour the desired amount of waksē beans in the Melting Pot, place in the microwave and heat for 45 second
intervals until wax is the consistency of honey. Firmly apply waksē and leave to cool and then firmly peel off waksē,
pulling it back in the opposite direction of the hair growth. ($10 USD)

For additional information, visit www.wakse.com.

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