Brushing Up on Beauty Tools

There is a brush for every purpose. Sophisticated OTC consumers are using brushes to cleanse, invigorate, detangle, conceal and style. As consumers mimic the tools used by professional hairstylists, makeup artists and manicurists, they are brushing up on the need for task-specific brushes. Brushes are the ultimate beauty tool. Many beauty regimens require a brushing tool as an applicator or enhancer for hair, skin, nail and facial products. Recent electronic and digital innovations are technically brushes. Penetration or stimulation therapies for face and hair are rooted in the use of a brushing mechanism. There is a new detangling concept that involves a sculpted, vertical brush that smooths tussled or knotted hair. Manual manipulation of a cone-shaped brush that moves through hair sideways rather than down and out conceptually provides less ripping, tearing and breakage. Beauty tools and implements are essential to the average consumer. Brushing up on the latest tools will profit the OTC.

While makeup is a traditional category, the brush industry is stimulating growth and multiple purchases. Foundation application now requires several brushes—a kabuki brush, a concealer brush and a contouring brush. Eye makeup application now requires a shadow brush, liner brush, brow brush as well as mascara. Lip and blush applications also require new brush concepts. Sable, pony or goat hairs are used to define quality while many consumers prefer synthetic micro cut fibers. Consumers want to travel with their brushes, clean their brushes and organize their brushes. Some market analysts link the increase in brush sales with the many new uses and accessories that support the various types of brushes.

Price points are increasing as the promise associated with the brush is defined. Consumers find value in the brush sets or professional pouches. Brushes and other beauty tools support product purchases throughout the beauty business, one stroke at a time.

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