High Tech High Touch Skincare

Innovation in skincare is evolving into an array of basic claims delivered with technological sophistication. Facial and body skincare products will all capitalize on claims for natural ingredients, hydration and anti-aging. These claims are the modern day cost of entry for the category. Products are still fragranced with exotic botanicals and enriched with exotic oils. Today’s products take it all a step further in a nano-second. Nano-cell delivery allows for ingredients to be penetrated into the skin at a level that is most efficacious. Product formulas are hosted in the finest lotions, creams and butters. Luxurious formulas must feel luxurious. Skin must ultimately look and feel moisturized.

Stem cell claims are infused into new products that claim to rejuvenate and repair from the inside out. Basically derived from plants, these stem cell ingredients help to boost the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Advanced technologies claim to penetrate below the epidermis to deliver therapies. These formulas not only cleanse and moisturize, they deposit remedies for skin tightening, fighting acne and anti-aging. These high tech formulas are singly available for face, eyes, throat, hands and body. Targeting individual areas of the body allows retailers to offer some form of high tech products in every section of the store. OTC customers may demand basic products that fit into an existing skincare routine. However, there will be growing number of customers coming in for the more advanced high-tech therapies. They may have discovered these products in magazines or department stores, or from a dermatologist. There are post-dermatology products that are recommended to enhance or repair medical procedures. Listen to your customers. Don’t let them get more sophisticated that what’s available on your shelves. Clients want science and beauty in their skin care products.

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