Multiple Solutions to Multi Textured Hair

Nearly 10 million Americans identify themselves as either multiracial or multicultural. That’s nearly half of this country’s millennial generation. These consumers join other sectors of the market in defining their hair type as multi-textured. In one given family this could mean differences in curl pattern that range from coils to curls. With so many consumers of every ethnic group reverting to their natural texture, the need for multiple product types is astounding.

Hair care product choices may be ideal for one family member but too heavy for another. Some products can weight down naturally curly hair while it strengthens and protects another hair type. A moisturizer for one hair texture could be used as a conditioner. A styling agent for one curl pattern could be a volumizer for another. Multiple uses of the same product could be achieved by using a smaller amount to tame a curl or greater amount to moisturize a braided style. OTC products must offer multiple solutions for multi-textured hair.

Many of the formulations available on the market will benefit most hair types. Oils may provide reparative benefits for one consumer while it may nourish a dry scalp condition on another. Brands are featuring oils from every corner of the world, from Africa to China, Brazil or India. The multiple uses of oils can vary by how much is applied, with or without heat. Waxes, puddings or custards can be used to slick down short hair or to provide curl definition on long hair. Leave in styling aids and mousses can be used on damp hair during blow drying or for air drying curly tops. Every family will need products with multiple solutions. Multi-textured hair mandates that products be versatile. Consumers require new product concepts that run the gamut of cleansing, styling and texture control.

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