Post-Pandemic Beauty Survival

Consumers will greet 2022 with a new lease on life, love and beauty.  They have survived two years of attacks on their well-being, insurrections in the air and on the streets, climate crises, shortages, shut-ins and several iterations of vaccine boosters.  Consumers feel like survivors, and most feel they have suffered enough.   Previous concepts on how we all live and shop have shifted.   The survival instinct will drive consumers back out into the retail world.   However, 50% of their beauty sales will be investigated and purchased online.  Consumers are living the hybrid life of a pandemic survivor. 

Shoppers will come into stores looking for new solutions to revive their hybrid self-image.  Since there was less need for a daily makeup routine, they will have more time to try new and dramatic techniques.  Hair products will provide longer-lasting natural styles, and eye looks will evolve into permanent, mini-tattoo applications.  High impact color will be accompanied by glitter, neon and sweeping lashes.  Why not?

They’ve survived two lost years.  The New Year will bring on an explosion of hair color at any age, and Computer-assisted hair color selection will drive them from online to an in-store purchase. Gray is also in style with a move towards natural looks.

To the survivors goes all the good the beauty industry has to offer—wellness, excitement and self-care.  Working from home will continue to focus on an everyday makeup routine.

Zooming will focus consumers on eye, skin and hair products that sharpen their commitment to world-class beauty. Online survivors are now exposed to world-class beauty products available on demand. As a result, OTC dealers will survive in this new consumer lease on life.

Track the information and product advice found online, follow the consumer commitment to persevere, and place their choices on OTC shelves.

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