Stimulating Sales in Sonic Appliances

Regular HBA product sales may soon be eclipsed by the startling growth of supersonic tools, appliances and implements. Clients are demanding that spa treatments be professionally delivered at home. From cleansing and microdermabrasion to mani-pedi and mini-facelifts, power implements are becoming popular. Your clients will continue to cleanse, style and remove hair with the latest state of the art tools. Consumers also believe that makeup delivery, product performance enhancement and hair regrowth are now achievable at home. This craze has become infectious. You will find these tools readily available at drug store and other mass outlets. In fact, they are very popular in “as seen on TV” outlets and on the television shopping stations. OTC customers can find these products at a modest price or at a really high “professional” price well into the hundreds.

The FDA has approved, or is considering, skin care systems that stimulate by micro-currents. These sonic-speed tools help stimulate skin’s contouring and tone. It’s used to correct folds and furrows in the forehead and prevent those God forsaken jowls. The increased electrical current promises deeper cleansing and improvement of facial tone. That’s the ultimate anti-aging claim! Hair regrowth laser combs and photo therapy wands will also stimulate sales. New news in tools comes in the form of makeup application implements and full body buffing.

Consumers are taking to the idea of professional delivery and dosage at sonic speed. Even the portable versions of these tools are attractive. Awareness is growing and category sales should be soaring.

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