The Bare Faced Truth

Men’s grooming is driven by the bare facts—the skin must be cleansed, hydrated, and protected. As many men remove their beards they are exposing their skin to basic bare faced skin concerns. Pre-shave there will be a need for softening. Post-shave there will be a need to moisturize and protect. Bearded or bare, the shaving, cleansing and moisturizing segments of the market are increasing at alarming rates. Over 90% of men are using grooming products and 85% select and purchase their own. There is a heightened awareness since major brands have been targeted to men’s unique skincare needs. Use of facial moisturizers and anti-aging products has become very common. Men are seeking the same skincare product forms that women routinely purchase. They want problem-solution formulas for razor bumps, dry skin, and shaving rash. Men want products that are task specific and effective. They also want to be coddled with manly ingredients like charcoal, sage and sandalwood. While it is perfectly acceptable to purchase women’s facial products, men prefer to have their needs addressed with brands targeted to men. While 76% of men are purchasing women’s skin care products, the bare truth is that they prefer their own.

Men are being offered a variety of balms, creams and lotions. These products provide for soothing before shaving and toning after shaving. Men are comfortable with the full range of products required for a gentlemen’s skincare routine. As well, it is perfectly acceptable to get facials, use tanning products, expect SPFs, and dabble with concealers. Men want products with the sophistication found in the women’s market. The bare-faced truth is that men are beautifying and protecting their skin and striving to become “mansomer.”

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