The Best Nail Season Ever: Nail Art that Does Not Disappoint

Year over year and season after season change is inevitable.  Each season creates an evolution through energy, mood, beauty, fashion and for the innovators – seasonal style updates are a must.  With nails being an extension of a woman’s look, of course, nails aren’t excluded from the timely seasonal changes that compliment and accessorize a woman’s style, holistically. Therefore, it is no surprise that nail manufacturers are constantly pointing their fingers forward to best serve their nail industry audiences, nail technicians and nail enthusiasts.   With nail service spends upwards of $8 billion in the United States (Nails Magazine, 2015), prospects for DIY and nail art are in abundance – great news for OTC stores.

At Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week 2017 designers used the nails to create the ultimate accessories for their Spring/Summer 2018 collections. From conservative nudes to liberal iridescent chromes; nail art, decals, shapes and colors were in high season on the runway for the upcoming season. Proof that for nail enthusiasts and the OTC stores, this season may be the best ever.

The options are limitless, the designs boundless – regardless of career or style preference. This season fosters an opportunity to let your individual style shine through.  For OTC stores, this translates to possibly your best season ever to expand nail inventory, create style guides to educate customers on what’s trending and how to incorporate it into their nail routine. The creativity options for nail art, style, and wear are infinite.


Nail polish with long-lasting wear has become a focal point over the last two decades.  Gel nail polish wins as the tool for the longest wear, hands down.  With most gel nail manufacturers boasting two (2) weeks of wear before chipping, you can’t go wrong.  The great news for the OTC stores is there are many new gel nail polish shades and manufacturers that don’t require the UV gel light, the final step in sealing in the application. This provides the opportunity for at-home gel nails, and today’s products are equally as effective as salon gel polishes.


Applying a cuticle oil is essential to avoid dry, cuticles and nails, but Mimi Wilson, a Los Angeles nail tech, reminds us in addition to getting a regular manicure and pedicure, healthy nails are an “inside job.”  “Drinking adequate amounts of water, 4-8 glasses per day, will help support maintaining healthy nails,” says Wilson.


Is nail art is your fetish? This season you won’t be disappointed.  The color palette and designs are never-ending; feminine nudes, edgy metallics, luxurious shellacs, rich mattes, bold black accents, gems, decals, bedazzles, mod color blocking, artful graphics, attachments, florals and neutrals.  “There is literally something for every woman from every walk of life, career choice and social scene – to express her sense of self and style” explains Sophia White, a New York nail tech.

For the nail enthusiast that delights in nail art, individual style and long-lasting color, this is the season for you.  Nail art and design have never been this creative and plentiful.  The sky is the limit and the options are lavish.  OTC stores that have options and education guides will see their best seasons ever.

OTC Beauty Magazine discovered the inside scoop from two amazing nail technicians.

Mimi Wilson | Celebrity Nail Artist in Los Angeles

Mimi enjoys the creativity of nails.  She loves taking someone’s idea and making it come to life on their nails. For the conservative woman, Mimi gravitates towards using one solid color and perhaps a gem or nail art [design] that is simplistic. “Sometimes I have a client that wants to go from day to night, I might keep the solid base color and add a pattern, multiple gems or a more extravagant artful design.”

“There’s a nail art look for everyone, the colors are rich, from rocking metallics, bold chromes and lush earth tones – they’re all trending.”

~Mimi Wilson

Sophia White | Nail Technician & Designer, owner of Nailed It Studio in New York

Sophia is a nail designer, she strikes the perfect balance of simple and sophisticated with a modern edge. “Punching a nail art design up or toning it down is optional. I seek to understand the lifestyle personality and style of my clients, I like to give them what they want.”

“There is always a way to express your personal style with nail art, from simplistic to avant-garde. You’d be surprised the type of conversations you’ll start from a nail design – a great way to make new acquaintances.”

~Sophia White

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