The Nature of Beauty

The beauty of nature is a product story that will never get old. From skin to hair to scalp to nails…from inside to out, natural products suggest big beauty benefits. Whether nurturing skin or hair, consumers relate to the promises. They seek formulas than can be used from head to toe. Nuts and seeds deliver moisture, repair and sheen. Plants and leaves provide cleansing and detoxification. Botanicals can brighten and revitalize. They understand the nature of beauty. They are also aware of the pollutants found in natural products: harmful chemicals, preservatives, synthetic coloring, thickeners and thinners, and fragrances. Consumers are actively engaged in getting as close to natural as possible as they scrutinize labels for evidence of dangerous parabens, GMOs, harmful sulfates or allergens. To avoid destructive additives consumers create Do-It-Yourself concoctions with 100% pure essential oils as the base. Consumers feel these natural oils help them control the beauty of nature.

Not only are women with natural hair styles concerned about using nature to enhance and repair, most consumers seek natural therapies. Consumers are making their purchasing decisions based on what’s in a product as well as what it can do. This extends beyond hair care to skincare and cosmetics.

The majority of skin care and beauty products, including cleansers, lotions and scrubs, use inorganic compounds and petroleum-based gels as their foundation. The increase in natural hair styling and limited makeup trends is increasing consumer awareness in natural ingredients and the not-so-natural hosts. Stock those products that assure the consumer that there will be attempts to minimize toxins, allergens and pore clogging agents.

Most brands are cashing in the beauty of nature. The more advertising and awareness is placed before the consumer, the more they will demand products developed with the beauty of nature in mind.

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