The OTC as Skin Coach

This will be the year of coaching and advising your consumers. Many brands will have marketing supported by in-store computer technology, mobile and online skin coaching. Skin care merchandising will require knowledge as olden as deep sea remedies to modern cryogenically produced donkey milk powder. Modern skin care devices for cleansing, rejuvenating and electronic face masks represent modern delivery of ancient remedies. The need for the consumer, manufacturer and merchandiser to collaborate on custom solutions is critical. Consumers want DNA data to predict the best nutrients for their skin. Middle Eastern and African spices, grains, fruits and camel’s milk are trending in spas. OTC shelves must include exotic mud treatments and scrubs as well as everyday moisturizers.

The skin care coach must recognize the language associated with remedy…its origin and benefits. Customers will want to be protected from the sun, inflammation, injury, hyperpigmentation, hormonal changes and acne. They will want to be coached on not using competing aggressive treatments, i.e. scrubbing and peeling. A good coach will be up-to-date on the latest types of anti-aging flowers, acids, butters and gums, and donkey milk. As DNA will be used to predict future sicknesses, DNA testing, picture analysis and diagnostic mobile apps will be used to personalize skincare purchases. New technologies that will be infused with ancient ingredients bring spa-quality skin care from the OTC shelf to the consumers’ home. Coaching and merchandising skills will help drive the educated consumer from purchasing online into your store.


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